Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

Love Is In The Air

well, it's clear that love is really in the air. many wedding parties to attend and many couples got together lol. but that's not the points. I'd like to write a story that seems impossible to happen, hemmm how many person could get 2 love confessions in 2 days ? especially an ordinary and unattractive person like me. hoo, the first one was mm well you could read it by yourself on my last posting before this. and the second one was what i'm going to tell you.

it's true that i have some close guy friends on my own or i'd rather consider them as brother oh yes i miss my real brothers :/ so this is the guy i've told you about in my others post so i just gonna tell how he did :D

so we met at our course place in that evening and we were doing just fine. had a little talk about which one is better between vest and hoody. and next he asked me to look for some snakcs but i told him i'd like to have it with my friends first. and i went home cause my dad picked me up then i said bye to him via sms.

around 9pm he sent me sms and continue till 11pm :) which we always did from some months ago and he asked me whether it's ok if he called me tonight he said he wanna talked. I said perhaps but i want to wait my dad went upstairs. so he waited up for that and i walked to my room which my grandma was lying on my bed. argh ! then i told him so and he said i should not force it if it's really shouldn't be cause he won't let me in trouble. I hate it when i don't talk to him cause he's such a good phone friend whom so talkactive and funny. suddenly he sent an sms ,"put on ur headset,i'll call you and you don't have to talk any words just listen to me , please it won't be long, ok ?"

so then i did it and he called me and apologized because he had other feeling which more than what we feel normally as friends heemm. i'm blushed , speechless and couldn't think. how could he ? but he didn't ask me to get together or something like that cause he know we couldn't because of our family which had been a bestfriends for a long time beside he already got a gf. despite of confused about what to do , i felt happy cause he was honestly and bravely admitted that which i know not every man willing to do that.

i just told him i don't want anything changed because of this cause i'm happy and comfort with us like we were yesterday eventhough it's not supposed to be this way...

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