get to know me ;)

Hello ppl ! sebelum membaca lebih lanjut tentang blog tidak jelas yang isi'a silly semua akan lebih baik kalo kalian tau siapa dalang dibalik semuanya ini.
Who's the (un)pretty gurl in da pic ? Yeah , that's me . Shella Andani but i prefer Shaa as my nickname. loves chocolate and hates shrimp . i'm so into Disney (Y) i love every little thing about that . obsessed with mickey mouse and Robert Pattinson kyaaaaa ! >.< okay forget it -,-
i'm different i know. i'm not your favorite sweet dan girly girl . i'm a rebel and a little boyish . i dont like dramas in real life . im not dating anyone . i'm single and very happy about it. but i used to dating someone to , twice lol .
i love talking and chatting with foreigner online and find some fun in it ;) . i love GLEE and MCR . they're my life and most of their songs and scenes inspired me ♥ i love singing but my voice errr pretty good bad lol ♫
Idc what ppl judge on me i'm not trying to change myself cos it's so much better being yourself eventhou ppl hate you . well, here i am :D and the rest it's up to you to decide *wink* ♥


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