Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

I'm not in mood for relationshit

okay. so i'm really not in mood for any kind of relationship cause i already got plenty problems without it. that's why i don't wanna add more problems in my life especially this kinda thing. relationship. love. or something like that. i'm tired of it.

well, there's one year younger guy that close to me lately but i just consider him as bestfriend an brother as well. this kind of friendship or brother-sister relationship didn't grow any sense or feeling more than that(for me, idk if he felt another way :/). well, i should admit that i did attracted to him too but i never think to take it to more special relationship. cause i know and i've experienced having a relationship with some guys and at the end we gotta seperated and i'm afraid we then become enemies. that's why i don't want to have any kind of relationship.

man, you're a gret guy for me. you'll come right then whenever i need you even only for a little chit are the one who lend me your shoulder to cry on and the one that ever held my hands to calm me down *okay this is my first time, silly though*. we've known each others well and feel comfortable to each others. you shoud know that i do attracted and addicted to you as well but there's something that prevent me to not said "yes" and started this romance. something in my past that told me to avoid the same mistakes i've done.

not wanting to really lose you i decided to close my heart for you. beside, i don't want us ended up as a piece of shit like how many lovers ended up. you're so damn precious for me that's why i don't want to lose you for just a short time romance which i know won't last longer than our brother-sister-hood.

i'm sure we're gonna be just fine with this condition.

everthing is gonna be alright without any kind of romanshit between us.

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